Implementation of Kaizen Culture to Increase the Efficiency and Quality of Pasteurized Milk Products in KUD Argopuro Krucil Probolinggo

Naning Retnowati, Ridwan Iskandar, Rizal Perlambang CNAWP


Abstract. As the latest economic crisis showed, companies must take care of its resources, people and processes, if they want to survive in a competitive global market. In other hand if a company wants to be competitive, innovative and leading in its industry it has to continuously improve its processes and employees. This can be achieved through practicing kaizen on the daily production process. KUD Argopuro Krucil is one of cooperative in Probolinggo district that produces pasteurized milk obtained from the farmers around. Kaizen method is a continuous improvement process that can be implemented by KUD Argopuro Krucil in every production stage to improve quality product and to reduce the production costs. The purpose of this research are : 1) to determine the extent to which the principle of effectiveness and efficiency has been applied by KUD Argopuro Krucil in its pasteurized milk production process, 2) to determine the concept of Kaizen (sustainable improvement techniques) that can be applied by KUD Argopuro Krucil in order to improve efficiency and quality the product. KUD Argopuro Krucil has applied the principle of effectiveness and efficiency in the process of pasteurizing milk production. Principles 5 S have been applied and the occurrences 3 M also have been minimized by KUD Argopuro Krucil, although its implementation is still not perfect, but cooperatives must be able to strive for strategies to improve customer satisfaction included: always focus on customers and do continuous quality improvement on products and production processes.

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