Performance of Electrical Water Decarbonizer For Engine Tune Up Purpose


  • azamataufiq budiprasojo Politeknik Negeri Jember


Tunning up vehicles are routine, expensive, and time-consuming activities for vehicles owner. Prototype Portable Electrical Water Decarbonizer offers a new concept of cheap, easy, fast,  effective  and  enviromental  friendly  tune  up.  This  research  is  also  solution  for  PT.  YTL Paiton  Probolinggo’s  problem.  This  research  will  started  by  the  calculating  and  design  the generator for split up water into two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom through electrolysis as  the  main  component  of  prototype.  From  these  calculations,  a  prototype  will  made  as  an Applied Technology Product. Changes in the performance characteristics of the generator will be analyed for one hour by its temperature, current, voltage, power, gas production flowrate, and the  visualization  of  the  combustion  chamber  as  the  effect  of  decarbonizer.  Research  result indicate : voltage recorded 12V min., 12.5V max. and 12.24V average; current recorded 19,34A min., 20,39A max. and 19.81A average; power recorded 239,25Watt min., 244,79watt max. and 242.72Watt average; electrolite water temperature 25oC min., 64 oC max., 50.51 oC average; gas production flow rate 0.925 L/min min., 1.479 L/min max.,1.27 L/min average. The before and after piston photograph indicated that this prototype decarbonize working properly.


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