Analysis of Factor Management in The Maternal Health Program at Puskesmas in District X as The Effort To Reduce Mmr in 2018

Rossalina Wijayanti, Dahlia Indah Amareta


X regency is ranked 2 (two) for the highest maternal mortality rate (MMR) in East Java  in  2016. Puskesmas  have  a  major  role  to  decrease  MMR  in  Indonesia.  The  program  at Puskesmas focuses on preventive and promotional activities. The maternal health program that involve the role of midwives as good health and management officers can reduce the incidence of death which resulted in decreasing MMR. This study aims to analyze the factors of maternal health  program  management  in  Puskesmas  including  planning,  organizing,  actuating  and controlling.  Furthermore,  the  observational  analytic  method  had  been  applied  in  several Puskesmas in the area of Jember Regency in May - September 2018. There were 34 Puskesmas as the research sample and the informants were in charge of maternal health programs at those Puskesmas. The samples were taken by proportional random sampling technique. In collecting the  data,  the  researchers  distributed  questionnaire  to  the  informants  and  the  results  were analyzed afterwards. It was shown that planning and organizing had been done but they were in fair category, actuating and controlling were in good category. It is highly probable that the implementation  of  maternal  health  programs  in  Puskesmas  is  related  to  the  outcomes (performance)  of  achieving  good  health  programs  as  well.  The  analysis  continued  by formulating recommendations through brainstorming activities involving all midwives and the heads of those Puskesmas. It resulted the need to provide motivation and supervision activities to the officers and the involvement of all parties in maintaining the MMR

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