Design of Portable Catalytic Converter with Temperature Control Based on Arduino for Waste Gas Diesel Engine


  • Ahmad Robiul Awal Udin
  • Dwi Djoko S
  • Moch Irwan N


Catalityc  converter is  device  that  using  of  catalyst  media.The  media of  catalyst is  expected  to  accelerate  the reaction  rate  at  a  certain  temperature.  In  the  process  of  combustion  of  fuel  and  air  in  addition  to  enthalpy, residual  combustion  products  are  emissions  or  pollutants  of  CO,  CO2,  NOx,  HC,  soot  or  smoke  and  other elements that can pollute the  environment and can endanger human  health. Diesel engines produce more soot and NOx gas pollutants than gasoline motors, but produce lower CO2. With the regulation of the temperature of the  catalytic  converter  installed  in the  exhaust  manifold  system  or  diesel  engine  exhaust  can  reduce  exhaust emissions in the  form of black smoke or soot. The testing  of this study  used a quasi experimental  method by comparing the exhaust gas data produced by diesel motors on the exhaust manifold system both those using and without catalytic converters.  Data retrieval is carried out conditioned at room  temperature during testing. The test starts at the rotation of the diesel engine 1500 RPM to 4000 RPM with an increase in rotation every 500 RPM. The overall results of using catalytic converters are very effective in reducing the density of the smoke or opacity of the diesel engine its was average of 18.69%.


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