• Faisal Lutfi Afriansyah
  • Fendik Eko Purnomo
  • N Zainal Fanani
  • Ika Widiastuti
  • Niyalatul Muna


Flights Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) really require altitude position. The altitude position of the UAV is used to measure the distance between the UAV when flying with ground. In UAV system are there are two modes of altitude position, absolute height and relative height. In previous research, precision farming uses unmanned aerial vehicles for foliar farming. The research has recommended the best spraying at an altitude of 1.5 meters of plants, but there are problems that UAVs are difficult to maintain a stable height of terrain in agricultural lands by plants. This research will optimize the height of UAV for foliar fertilizer using ultrasonic sensors. UAVs for foliar fertilizer use low flights because they have to be a few meters above the agricultural land. The ultrasonic sensor works well at a distance of 24 cm to 700 cm above the terrain, so it can be used as a sensor in the UAV for foliar fertilizer. The agricultural land used in this research is corn plant in politeknik negeri jember area. The process of this research is by building a UAV without carrying the load of foliar fertilizer. The results of altitude visualization graph    show that experiments with ultrasonic sensors produce smoother graphs. Ultrasonic sensor data produces waves with a lot of noise, this can be caused by ultrasonic waves emitted bouncing with the leaves of corn plants.


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