Focus & Scope

JEAPCo encourages exchanges of information and knowledge generated from research and non-research contributions to widen perspectives and strengthen theories and practices of English as an international language used in such multidimensional settings as social, professional, and academic. The areas include:

1) ELT/EFL Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Materials Development 
2) ESP (English for Special Purposes)
3) CLIL (Content-Language Integrated Learning)
4) Multilingualism, plurilingualism, culture, and identity  
5) English Language Testing, Evaluation, and Framework of Reference 
6) English Language Policy and Politics 
7) Corpus and Multimodality
8) Translation and Interpreting (From/To English)
9) English Literature and Literacy
10) Systemic Functional Linguistics
11) Ecological Linguistics
12) Other relevant TESOL/AL Strands