Rubber Powered Aircraft toy Bussines in Suci Village of Panti districts Jember Regency of East Java Province


  • Ahmad Robiul Awal Udin
  • Wendy Triadji N
  • Naning Retnowati


Community  Partnership  Program  (Program  Kemitraan  Masyarakat/PKM)  activity  is  for  home  industry  of  rubber  powered airplane business located in Suci Village Panti Sub-district Jember East Java Province. The first partner problems was used traditional tools, its takes along time and wasteful energy to make process production one units of rubber powered airplane. This is certainly not effective and efficient. Besides, the business management is still very simple and its marketing although it has reached the area around Jember, Jogja and Kalimantan, but still not yet evenly distributed. The second problems partner that  faced  was  marketing  facilities  such  as  stacking  racks,  storefronts  and  unavailability  of  online  sales. The  Partnership Program of the Community intends to provide solutions in the form of material assistance, production equipment rental and marketing  support,  business  management  training  and  marketing  strategy  through  social  media,  in  order  to  increase production  capacity,  managerial  ability  and  partner  marketing. The  results  of  this  activity  will  have  a  positive  impact  on partners  because  it  can  increase  the  effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  the  production  process  so  as  to  be  able  to  increase production capacity in per day  from 20 units to 200 units of rubber-powered airplane. Thus, it can  meet the time target of orders desired by consumers through a purchase agreement.The benefits of providing training of business management and marketing strategy for the partners will be able to understand how to analyze the profitability and efficiency of the business and  to  expand  the  marketing  network.  Furthermore  the  partners  can  also  improve  the  quality  of  products  according  to consumers needs.